Tablet of departure of five migrants for  New France
Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul church of Dissay
Photos: Inventaire des lieux de mémoire de la Nouvelle-France

Antoine GALIPEAU, (son of Urbain GALIPEAU and Antoinette GIRARD) 
He never came to Canada.

He married Perrine REGNAULT baptized September 9 1604, Dissay, Poitou, France, buried July 2 1654, Dissay, Poitou, France. 
She never came to Canada.


I. Jeanne GALIPEAU baptized December 25 1634, Dissay, Poitou, France
She never came to Canada.

1) She married on September 7 1656, in Dissay, Poitou, France, Antoine TESSERROT, born about 1626, died before 1669. 
2) She married on February 5 1669, in Dissay, Poitou, France, Claude LE DE, (son of late Pierre LE DE and Marie REGNAULT)

II. Gilles GALIPEAU dit LePoitevin, baptized September 6 1637, Dissay, Poitou, France, died before May 1703, Montreal, Quebec.
From Dissay, subdivison and diocese of Poitiers, Poitou (Vienne).

He married on September 30 1678, in Montreal, Quebec, contract February 2 1679, Me Claude MAUGUE, Jacqueline LANGLOIS, born about 1635, (daughter of Claude LANGLOIS and Jacqueline GAUTIER) buried October 19 1709, Montreal, Quebec. 
From LaRoche-Guyon parish of Limay, subdivision and suburb Mantes-sur-Seine (Yvelines).

He is in Montreal as soon as September 26 1667. He is present at François BOTET and Françoise BUGON marriage. He lodge to the Sulpiciens in Montreal, when on October 5 1676, he declare that, two years before, he was planning to go in France and that Jean PROU, of the Dombourg lordship, has given him letters for his wife in France. Arrived in Poitiers, he is informed by the brother-in-law of PROU that the wife of PROU was dead. In partnership with Jean BAZOT, on March 18 1678, he sells to Mathurin JOUSSET a concession at the foot of Sault Saint-Louis. They have bought this property from Georges DAMBOISE a year before and they get thirty minots of wheat and fifteen minots of peas for it. He buys from Antoine BEAUDRY, on next July 16, a property of sixty acres area on Côte Saint-Martin. He gets it for two hundreds minots of wheat and an ox. In partnership with Pierre PERTHUIS, he buys from Pierre DARDAINE, on July 13 1680, all the harvest of corn of his property up to forty minots for a price of 80 pounds. At the 1681 census, he owns a rifle, eight horned beats and thirty acres of property in value.

He is one of the persons who, on April 17 1684, have been robbed on the streets of Montreal by individuals "disguised and faked up like savages". On March 9 1687, he is called to witness in a case involving the LAJEUNESSE and PELLEGRIN by name, accused to have hit a crucifix with axes. On October 8 of the same year, he is ordered to go to the house of the late Antoine RENAUD to witness to affix the seals. He refuses to obey this order and he is condemned the day after. The Hospitalières nuns concede to him, on October 25 1689, a place of thirty-two feet by five rods, on Notre-Dame Street, for a sum of 38 sols and 3 deniers in annuities. Jeanne CUSSON, widow of Jean BAREAU, in a donation, on June 17 1691, gives him a property of twenty-nine feet by seventy feet on Saint-Jacques Street in Montreal. He exchanges this property, on July 5 1694, for another of thirty-two feet by sixty-eight feet, belonging to Étienne FORESTIER, and also on Saint-Jacques Street. On October 23 1698, his wife and himself let for a year to Jean DESLANDES, for a sum of 80 pounds, a house belonging to them on Notre-Dame Street. We don't know the exact date of his death, but he is not there, on May 5 1703, when his widow let their house to Élisabeth DAMOURS, widow of Claude CHARRON.

Author: Michel Langlois

III. Antoine GALIPEAU born about 1646, Dissay, Poitou, France, buried July 22 1722, Pointe-aux-Trembles of Montreal, Quebec.
From Dissay, subdivison and diocese of Poitiers, Poitou (Vienne).
Occupation : carpentor.

He married on July 19 1688, in Pointe-aux-Trembles of Montreal, Quebec, contract July 19 1688, Archives Nationales du Québec in Montreal, Quebec, Marie-Françoise CAMBIN, born June 13 1669, Montreal, Quebec, baptized June 13 1669, Montreal, Quebec, (daughter of Laurent CAMBIN and Francoise BAISELAT) died March 17 1730, Longue-Pointe, Quebec, buried March 18 1730, Longue-Pointe, Quebec. 

He is a carpenter and he is in Montreal as soon as 1682, being the godfather of his niece Marie on August 30. The Sulpiciens sold him on July 15 1688, for 100 pounds, a property of three acres in front by twenty acres in depth previously belonging to Jean CHAGNEAU, in a place called Bois-Brûlé. On July 20 1690, he receives the Mont-Carmel's scapular. He settles down in Pointe-aux-Trembles. On May 1691, with his neighbor Jean GUILLEBERT, he promise to cut the wheat of Pierre PERTHUIS for 6 pounds and 10 sols by acre. On January 27 1693, the churchwardens of Pointe-aux-Trembles concede to him a place of thirty-five feet by seventy feet on Saint-Anne Street. He sells this place to Laurent ARCHAMBAULT, for a price of 45 pounds, on April 17 1697. On next May 16, Mathieu BRUNET gives him a procuration for paying a sum of 115 pounds and 15 sols to Jean GUYONNET surnamed Lafleur.

In the name of lord Pierre BOUCHER, he is a witness in a document which specified that the miller Michel DOUSSIN transfer to Mr. BOUCHER a sum of 53 pounds and 8 sols and fifteen and a half minots of wheat that owes him Marie BOUCHER, widow of Mr. de Varennes. On May 8 1698, the Sulpiciens concede to him the rest of a property in triangle shape between habitations of Laurent ARCHAMBAULT and Jean GUILLEBERT. On August 16 1699, he gives a procuration to Pierre RIVET to proceed in his name for a sum of 74 pounds 10 sols and 6 deniers that he owes to Pierre PERTHUIS. He puts his affairs in order with him on December 4 1701. He owes him a sum of 113 pounds 16 sols and 11 deniers. He gets a receipt in full in 1703. The Sulpiciens give him an enlargement of his property at the extremity of his concession, on April 7 1709. He makes a masonry agreement, on May 24 1711, with Jean MARS that promise him to make his groundwork and chimney for a sum of 80 pounds.

Author: Michel Langlois